Exciting News! Autobiography Part II

I am so thrilled! I have been chosen by BookDaily.com to be the Featured Author of the Day! What an honor! The feature was published in their ezine today, May 19. Here is the link to my profile page, which was highlighted:



As a prequel to my debut on BookDaily, I thought a brief autobiography would be appropriate. This is Part II:


The writing process for me was incredible. I wrote what I knew, but I also purposefully listened more closely to God. I searched for truth, and God answered my prayers. The thoughts and ideas were coming to me so quickly that I had to jot down notes as I went in order to remember everything. Everything just flowed out of me.


The creative process is extraordinary. Through the writing process I forged a deeper connection with God. I had experienced this before, when I painted. I paint mostly landscapes, what I consider the beauty of God’s creation. When I paint, I am in a different zone, another reality, almost outside of myself. The feeling is exhilarating, and I know that God is right there with me. I felt the same way when I wrote. Often, I would go back and reread what I wrote and would feel like I was reading something someone else wrote. Other times, I would read a section because I wanted to add an important point, only to discover that I had already made that point. In both cases, when I paint or write, I feel like it is the work of someone else. I know that feeling comes from God because He is right there with me. For me, the creative process brings me closer to God. As I wrote “A Journey Toward Perfection,” I was often brought to tears because I experienced how amazing God is. I was also so very thankful and felt so blessed. For me, this confirmed that what I was writing had God’s approval. In church tradition, the “gift of tears” is an outward expression of our faith and of our experience with God.


Throughout the process of writing my book, I became more open to hearing God’s voice. A new perspective or way of understanding God and our journey with Him would light up my mind as I recognized God’s truth. The writing of A Journey Toward Perfection changed me. There were many times when God put the mirror up to my face and told me to take another look. I reevaluated my thinking and my beliefs about the Christian life. The most important theme was love. God taught me what it means to truly love unconditionally. I often saw my own ego and pride as an obstacle to my spiritual growth. Christ’s words, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24) took on a new meaning for me. The writing of this book was truly a journey for me.


Even while writing A Journey Toward Perfection, I was not certain that it would actually become a published book. As a young girl, it was always a dream of mine to write a book, but I had no idea that I would write about God. As an adult, I never considered that this childhood dream would become a reality. Yet, I felt I was on a train that could not stop. I had to keep moving forward and see it through. Before beginning the writing of this book, I felt lost, not knowing my purpose in life. Now, I know from experience, that God will reveal His purpose to us when the time is right. I did not see it, until I was well into writing my book. I knew this was part of God’s plan for me. He has placed me on a new trajectory in life, and I am thankful and blessed to follow Him.


I hope that the book itself, can open the door to God for everyone who reads it. The writing of this book took me out of the ashes of my life and propelled me onto a new road in my journey toward perfection. I know it is the Holy Spirit who works in us, who reveals Christ to us. I pray that He will touch your heart like He touched mine.


Here is the link to my Featured Author of the Day ezine for BookDaily:


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