Disagreeable Duties


Yesterday, I was hosted at a local bookstore for an Author Book Signing. Many people came into the store. I was seated at a table with my books and materials, right at the front door. I greeted everyone as they…

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Upcoming Book Signings - February 2018

On February 3 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm, The Open Book Bookstore in Canyon Country is hosting my next Author Book Signing. Copies of A Journey Toward Perfection will be available for purchase. 

19188 Soledad Canyon Rd.  Canyon Country, CA

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Our True Selves


God created us to love. Our true natural selves were created pure, holy, with a deep desire to give of ourselves. We were created humble, desiring to put others first. We were created to be compassionate and kind, empathetic and…

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A Story of Love

Marriage begins with great love, joy and happiness. It begins with a vow of faithfulness, a promise to love our spouse until we die. With all hopefulness, couples begin their new lives together, expecting to love one another through all…

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FREE Workbook "Who Am I? - Discover Yourself"

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"Who Am I? - Discover Yourself"

A Workbook to Help You Recognize Your Potential

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Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I?” Are we the roles we serve in…

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Book Signing - August 27, 2017

Hosted by

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge, CA

I will be signing copies of my book, A Journey Toward Perfection, after the church service during coffee hour in the Grand Ballroom. The church service begins at 10:00…

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Lessons I Learned


          A couple of weeks ago, I was stopped at a red light. I was distracted because I was in an unfamiliar neighborhood a bit lost. I was checking the GPS on my car, and at the same time, I was…

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Who Am I?


Have you ever asked yourself “Who am I?” How can we answer that question? Are we the roles we serve in our lives, fathers, mothers, employees, bosses, students, teachers, man or woman? Are we our job title? Are we athletic…

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Today on Sunday, June 4, we celebrate the birth of the Church. Christ’s Church was founded on Pentecost, 50 days after the resurrection of Christ. Before ascending into heaven, Christ had given the eleven disciples instructions to remain in Jerusalem…

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Happy Ascension Day!

Today is the day we celebrate the ascension of Christ. Christians believe that Christ rose from the dead. The Bible records He was seen by many witnesses, among them the twelve Apostles; Christ’s mother, Mary; Mary Magdalene; Paul and over…

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